"Indonesia has made some progress in improving urban environmental services and pollution management including limited access to clean water and sanitation facilities and limited collection and processing of household waste" (World Web Bank).

Illegal Logging for firewood results in deforestation and forest fires.

- Soil Erosion
- Deforestation
  • Caused by rising population densities
  • Results in habitat loss for endangered species and loss of resources for forest people
- Polluted water supplies
  • Caused by runoff from pesticides
  • “Level of sewerage service is one of the lowest in Asia causing widespread contamination of surface and groundwater in urban areas leading to epidemics of gastrointestinal infections and high incidence of typhoid” (World Web Bank).
- Forest fires
  • Cause by commercial logging for domestic timber
- Poor air quality
- Wild life trade
- Over fishing
- Vanishing natural resources

Women Planting Rice Fields

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